Newton, It’s not you. It’s me.

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Newton, It’s not you. It’s me.

For years, I was a prolific user of Inbox by Gmail.  When google announced that they planned to retire my beloved email client, I panicked a little.  Even a year later, Gmail is a bit of a UI nightmare.  After trying a few alternatives, I found Newton.

It was clean, worked on all of my devices, and even resembled Inbox a little.  It was perfect in every way except for the fact that it was $50/yr.  I have never seen an email client charge an annual fee before.  Their argument was that it allows them keep their small dev team fed and roll out new features.  I was willing to throw them $50 per year if they were going to actively work on the client.  The problem is that they haven’t done that.

I haven’t seen any indication of anything more than bug fixes since Essential bought CloudMagic and made the app available again.

Newton, we are done.  I cancelled my subscription and I am giving myself two months to find something else.

Have a suggestion for what I could use?  Feel free to drop a comment below.  It needs to work on macOS, iPadOS, Android, and ideally Wear OS.

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