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Squeaky bike is squeaky

Last year, I talked about the e-bike that I bought back in 2018 with the goal of having something to comfortably commute to and from work.  2700 miles later, I’m not using it to bike to work as much.  Part of that is the fact that I have spent the past 18 months working from home but I also expect the new job to be a lot less bikeable.  Last year, I was contemplating a backup bike for while the main one is in the shop.  This year, I’m wondering if it is even possible to bike to work in the best of times.

In place of the ~15min daily commute to work, I have started doing more pleasure rides and the new truck helps a lot with that.  Before I bought the first of the two trucks, every ride had to start and end at my house.  Now, I can drive to a trailhead, unload the bike, and do trail segments that are normally out of reach.

So, the question that I have is if I should contemplate an upgrade, go back to the “backup bike” idea, or do nothing.  Doing nothing is probably a good default but the call of a new bike is always strong and if I get a $5k trek or something, I automatically have a backup bike.

Have a suggestion?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.