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Where you can find me online

Last week, Elon Musk bought twitter.  As soon as the deal was complete, he fired the chief executive, chief financial officer, and head of legal policy, trust, and safety.  That last one was what worries me the most.  I have been mirroring my tweets over on mastodon for a while now.  I’m planning on staying on twitter for the moment but mastodon is a good escape hatch if things get really bad.

Since I know that a lot of folks are looking to jump ship, I figured that I would take this moment to list out where you can find me online.


I try to post something, here to this blog once or twice per week.  It is usually a coding thing on Thursdays and a non-coding thing on Tuesdays.

Photo Blog

Since I started using instagram but I don’t trust it, I also started manually cross-posting everything here.  It is a space that I can better control, even though it doesn’t have the same reach.


I tried to quit twitter a number of times but it has been where all of the people are.


This tends to be where all of the non-technical people that I know happen to exist.  I created this account reluctantly and it is one that I am ready to delete if thing get bad.


If I am playing around with a coding concept, I tend to do it here.


If you know me and want to add me, DM me somewhere and I’ll give you my number.


I use an automation to cross-post from twitter to mastodon.  I also monitor the thing for replies.  I figure that it is the best way to keep a foot in both worlds.


If something is posted to the photo blog, it is automatically reposted here.


If something is posted to the photo blog, it is automatically reposted here.


I’m not very active on LinkedIn and I can’t automate posts to it but I try to post links from blog posts to Linkedin every week.


I’m not very active at all on here.


I’m a moderator on dev and I have had bursts of activity on the platform but I’m not regularly active.


Have a question, comment, etc?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.


[ Cover photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash ]