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How I get my news, these days

I will readily admit that I got too much of my news from Twitter, before the implosion.  After twitter went away, there was a slight hole in my daily news diet.  I started filling that hole with Inoreader and PressReader.  Inoreader has a $20/yr “supporter” plan and the app syncs your feeds from device to device.  PressReader is free with a Milwaukee County Federated Library card and gets you access to over 7000 magazines and newspapers on up to five devices.

PressReader includes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which is good.  It doesn’t include the Washington Post or the New York Times, though.  I’m maintaining a seperate annual subscription for the Washington Post for the time being.  It appears that the Milwaukee Public Library offers remote access to the New York Times for members of the MPL but I’m a member of the MCFLS, so I’m not covered.  I would subscribe to that as well but I’m not sure if that or the Milwaukee Business Journal would be the better option.

I really wish there was a viable “netflix for news” that would cover all of these publications.  Paying $80 here and $80 there for these things is really hard.


[ Cover photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash ]