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Initial Reaction: SOL Republic Track HD Headphones

So, today I decided to pick up a pair of SOL Republic Tacks HD headphones from the store.  I had been using a pair of noise cancelling headphones for a few years but they’ve been getting kinda rough.  They were mostly held together with masking tape.  I picked these up for $130 at the Apple...


I have been playing around with making time-lapse videos

I was inspired by the android ice cream sandwich demos of time-lapse video to see what I can do on my existing devices.  I found an app called Time-Lapse on the Android Market and after trying it’s demo version, I bought it.  It seems to work well.  I am starting to try to think of interesting...


Today, I tried the Segway i2

Not too long ago, I saw a groupon become available for Segway tours of Chicago.  I have always been a little curious about the Segway, so I bought the groupon and talked my sister into coming with me down to Chicago for the tour.  Yes, the primary reason for the trip to Chicago was the tour....